On Target

​​We offer services that are specific to helping individuals improve as a person and reach their lifelong goals and dreams in spite of challenges and obstacles along the way.       


Let us jump start you with motivational sparks to get you out of the stagnant places of life!                  

We strive to motivate and inspire individuals and groups to discover their potential and achieve the greatness that burns within them.

Our History

​​Vision for Life Consultants was established by Patrick and Mary Pinckney to inspire individuals and groups to discover the greatness within themselves and live successful productive lives. Our combined experience and background in coaching and mentoring make us an ideal team for discovering and developing the raw material in the lives of others and assisting them in their pursuit of significance and meaning in life. 

Our Vision

About Us

The Staff

Patrick F. Pinckney

Years of experience: 20

Expertise: Purpose, Vision, Potential

Mary Pinckney

Years of experience: 15

Expertise: Inner Healing, Potential, Relationships